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Mentor Academy

The Mentor Academy is a 6-month program that provides training and support for mid-career faculty to enhance their knowledge and skills in both research- and career-related mentoring. Mentor Academy participation is also an opportunity to share experiences and problem solve/co-mentor one another to advance their skills.

The 20 hour evidence-based curriculum is adapted from one developed by the National Research Mentoring Network. Six major areas of competency are addressed: 1) maintaining effective communications, 2) aligning expectations, 3) assessing understanding, 4) addressing equity and inclusion, 5) fostering independence, and 6) promoting professional development.

The Mentor Academy RFA will be made available in the early fall. 

Debra Diz, PhD, Program Leader

Contact Information
Beth Raines, bdraines@wakehealth.edu | 336-713-4086