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2015 Medical Student Research Day Awards

The Medical Student Research Program (MSRP) identifies research opportunities by pairing rising 2nd year WFSM medical students with faculty mentors for a 9-week summer research experience. All students must present a poster describing their research findings at Medical Student Research Day (MSRD) held each October.

2015 Medical Student Research Day Winners 

The 2015 Medical Student Research Day was held on Tuesday, September 29. Donald McClain, MD, PhD, Professor, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology and Director of the WFBMC Center on Diabetes, presented the keynote address on Iron and Diabetes: A Translational Science Journey.”

Winners from left to right: Paul Inclan, Aaron Winkler, Dr. Timothy Peters (MSRP Program Director), Eileen Libove, Roberto Navarrete, and Thomas Curley.

Five awards were given for medical students with outstanding research posters. These include:

  • Overall - First Prize
    Paul Inclan: “For Love, Not Money: The Financial Impact of Surgical Fellowship Training;” Mentors: Jeff Carter, MD, General Surgery; Adam Hyde, PhD, Wake Forest School of Business; Michael Hulme, PhD, General Surgery
  • Overall - Second Prize
    Aaron Winkler, Tony Dang, and James Taylor: “It’s Not Easy Being Green: Ornamental Living Plants Increase Pain and Opiate Intake But May Decrease Length of Stay in Post-op CT Surgery Patients: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial;” Mentor: Alain Bertoni, MD, Epidemiology and Prevention
  • Overall - Third Prize
    Eileen Libove: “MEG-Recorded Delta Activity Decreases During Normal Brain Maturation in Youths and Adolescents;” Mentor, Christopher Whitlow, MD, PhD, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
  • Translational Science - T1: Bench to Bedside
    Roberto Navarrete: “The Effect of Cryogels to Promote Tissue Repair in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy;" Mentor, William Wagner, PhD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Translational Science - T2: Bedside to Community
    Thomas Curley: “Anti-obesity Bias in Pediatric Inpatient Care;” Mentor Joseph Skelton, MD, MS; Elizabeth Halvorson, MD, Pediatrics

Thanks to all the students who participated, to the mentors who guided them in their projects, and to all who attended the event.