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Limited Submission Funding

Some funding agencies limit the number of proposals or applications that they will accept from any one institution. These are called limited submission funding opportunities and are listed in our Funding Lists. There is an internal deadline listed for the pre-proposal, as well as the sponsoring organization's deadline. To prevent any potential disqualifications of submissions coming from Wake Forest, BRSA monitors and manages applications for these opportunities using a specific process following the below guidelines.

1. Interested Applicants Submit Pre-proposals to BRSA

Everyone wishing to submit a proposal under a limited competition must send a pre-proposal to Lindsay Trost at ltrost@wakehealth.edu. Please send this as soon as you know you have an interest in the funding program and no later than the internal deadline. Please review the pre-proposal guidelines.

2. BRSA Assesses the Need for Internal Competition

The number of applicants who have submitted a pre-proposal is compared to the number of Wake Forest applications allowed by the award's sponsor. If the number of interested applicants does not exceed the number of allowable submissions, an internal competition will not be conducted. 

3. If Needed, BRSA Conducts Internal Competition

If the number of interested applicants exceeds the number of allowable submissions, BRSA will coordinate an internal competition to select the proposals that will be recommended to go forward to the sponsor. For the internal competition, pre-proposals are reviewed and ranked by an internal review committee. Committee members are selected based on expertise and experience. Pre-proposals are evaluated on how well each meets the selection criteria guidelines outlined in the program announcement. Applicants will be ranked using a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the highest, and notified in approximately 10 business days of the results.

5. Chosen Applicants Submit Proposals by Sponsor's Deadline

Applicants who receive the highest internal competition scores will be notified by BRSA and should complete and submit their funding proposal and application by the funding sponsor's stated deadline.

Current Opportunities

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Pre-proposal Guidelines

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