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Industry Account Management

All expenses for a study are to be charged to the specific study account. Likewise, all monies received for the conduct of the study are to be placed into the specific study account. This allows the institution to appropriately manage and report expenses and funding for research supported by industry. Further, it allows the department to better manage the expenses of a study and whether the budget agreed to with the sponsor will cover all actual expenses or if further negotiations are required during the study. 

Additionally, many contracts contain language which authorizes the study sponsor to audit the financial account tied to their specific study. Appropriately charging expenses is a requirement and condition in accordance with terms of contract.

Sponsor-Prior Approvals

Because the contract is a legal document, to modify any terms and conditions will require an amendment to the contract to be signed by authorized representatives of WFUHS and the sponsor. If a request is desired to change the budget, scope of the project or Principal Investigator, the Principal Investigator or Department should discuss the same with their contact at the sponsor. Once that discussion has occurred and the initial sponsor approval is received, documentation should be submitted to Office of Sponsored Programs concerning the change. Office of Sponsored Programs will then confirm the sponsor’s approval of such changes with the sponsor’s business/legal contact, negotiate and execute an appropriate amendment to the contract.