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iLab Core Facility Management Software

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iLAB lab management software is now available to streamline the process for reserving shared equipment, ordering research services, and billing. The implementation of the iLab solution will help WFBMC facilitate its goals of increased core utilization/awareness, improved core financial management, and enhanced core user experience.  

Research Shared Resources or Cores that are currently available on the iLab Solutions Software include: 

  • Cancer Genomics Shared Resource
  • Cellular Imaging shared Resource
  • Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
  • Genomics Core Lab
  • Proteomics & Metabolomics Shared Resource
  • Shared Equipment Core
  • Translational Imaging Program
  • Tumor Tissue and Pathology Shared Resource
  • Virtual Microscopy Core
  • Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine


Specific benefits to implementing the iLab solution to the PI/user are:  

  • Researchers can find all institution-supported services in one central location. A search feature for cores across the institution ensures researchers know where to find the resources and services available to them. (NOTE: This is a phased implementation project, starting with the cores listed below). 
  • iLab provides a consistent interface for searching resources, requesting services, and updating project progress. 
  • Core landing pages can be viewed external to the system, allowing researchers external to the institution to view services available. 
  • Cores can automatically generate recharges and invoices. Charges related to core services can be posted directly to the general ledger, eliminating data re-entry, and improving data accuracy. 


  1. You will be required to supply payment information on all reservations and/or requests when working with the core facilities.  
  2. The chartfields must include all components including Business Unit – Account – Fund – Department – Program – Project – Activity Code (Example: WFBHS-62301-710-100999-00000-123456-GMOTH)  
  3. If you do not have access to a chartfield in iLab you will work with your PI to resolve this.  
  4. iLab works best in Firefox or Chrome browsers. 

Training Resources 

Training resources include 4 video training options:

You can also refer to CTSI's iLab Training Materials

iLab Team

Jennette Cossey, Information Technology Services: jcossey@wakehealth.edu | 713-2033
Laurie Molloy, CTSI – BRSA: lmolloy@wakehealth.edu | 716-0576