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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How do I find internally-funded awards?

All awards funded by the institution and CTSI are listed in Funding Lists. Also listed in this table are externally-funded awards that are being highlighted as of particular interest to the research community.

How do I differentiate between types of awards in the Featured Funding Opportunities table?

The far right column in the Funding Lists, "Funding Type," is used to designate the type of award of each opportunity listed. You can learn more about these types of awards by selecting them in the table. 

Are there any external opportunities that are specifically recommended for Wake Forest researchers?

A number of external awards are listed in the Funding Lists in order to highlight those that might be of particular interest to the Wake Forest research community. However, this list is not comprehensive. There are many more external awards out there and we encourage you to conduct your own search using our Funding Search Mechanisms

What is the institutional policy on tobacco company support?

Please review the Guidelines for Sponsored Programs Requiring Internal Review, as some sponsors may necessitate additional steps in the process. 

What does it mean if a deadline in the Funding Lists is in italics?

A deadline will be in italics if the date has passed. This most often occurs for limited submission funding opportunities in which the pre-proposal deadline has passed but the general application deadline is still forthcoming.

Who do I contact if I have questions about awards?

For internal awards, please contact Lindsay Trost, ltrost@wakehealth.edu, with any technical questions and Chris O'Byrne, cobyrne@wakehealth.edu, with any programmatic questions.

Who do I contact if I know of a funding opportunity that I think should be listed?

If you know of a funding opportunity that you think would be of interest to the Wake Forest research community and appropriate for the CTSI website, please send this information to us at ctsi@wakehealth.edu.

Bridge Funding

What is bridge funding?

Bridge funding plans are provided to help faculty in the School of Medicine who have had a lapse in external funding. Learn more about Bridge Funding and the two support plans available

What are the different types of bridge funding?

The two distinct bridge funding plans are research program support and research salary support. They have different application processes, different guidelines, and different application deadlines. Learn more about research program support and research salary support.

When can I apply for bridge funding?

The two bridge funding programs have separate and specific deadlines. Please see the program pages for more information.

How do I know if I am eligible for bridge funding?

The eligibility requirements for research salary support and research program support differ. 

Research Program Support Eligibility: 
Preference is given to situations where bridge/interim funding is considered integral to a future competitive renewal. Hence, the application should be in the upper (better) half of applications reviewed to be eligible. An important consideration for bridge/interim funding is the tone of the critique provided by the Initial Review Group (study section), or equivalent body and how well the applicant addresses the recommendations of the study section. The peer review critique should reflect an overall positive assessment of the proposal such that acquisition of additional data or introduction of new approaches accomplished during the bridge/interim grant period will improve the likelihood of funding success. Read more about research program support.

Research Salary Support Eligibility:
A faculty member is eligible for bridge funding mechanisms, provided he/she: Has a rank at the level of assistant professor or above (please specify in application whether or not the faculty member has tenure); and has recently experienced a decline, or anticipates a fall in research salary support to less than 75% of research effort and is unable to access alternate funding sources to achieve funding to required level. Tier 2 applicants must have an average of 75% of research effort covered by extramural funding in the last five (5) years. Read more about research salary support.

Limited Submission Funding

What are limited submission funding opportunities?

Some funding agencies limit the number of proposals or applications that they will accept from any one institution. These are called limited submission funding opportunities and are listed in our Funding ListsRead more about limited submission funding and the application process for limited submission awards.

Why are two deadlines listed for limited submission funding opportunities?

For limited submission funding opportunities, applicants must first send a pre-proposal to both Michael Laliberty, mlaliber@wakehealth.edu, and Lindsay Trost, ltrost@wakehealth.edu. for internal review and possible competition. Pre-proposals are usually due about one month before the external deadline, but this timeline may vary by specific award. Read more about the application process for limited submission funding.

What do I put in a pre-proposal?

We have provided pre-proposal directions that will be appropriate for most limited submission funding opportunities. However, some awards require specific information for internal review. Be sure to read each award's announcement and instructions carefully to ensure that the correct content is included in your pre-proposal. 

When will I be notified that an internal competition is required?

Potential applicants who have submitted a pre-proposal will be notified of the need for an internal competition within 2-3 business days following the internal pre-proposal deadline. Read more about the application process for limited submission funding.

When will I be notified of an internal competition's outcome?

Applicants who submit a pre-proposal for internal competition will be notified within approximately 10 business days of the results. Read more about the application process for limited submission funding.