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Name Section E-Mail
Andrews, Joseph IRB jandrews@wakehealth.edu
Ansusinha, Emily Office of Clinical Research emansusi@wakehealth.edu
Astin, Pamela  Sponsored Programs  pastin@wakehealth.edu 
Atwell, Fred Sponsored Programs fatwell@wakehealth.edu
Baker, Jessica IACUC jebaker@wakehealth.edu
Beck, Kristy Sponsored Programs kbeck@wakehealth.edu
Bennett, Colleen Oversight & Outreach cobennet@wakehealth.edu
Bland, Jim Office of Clinical Research jobland@wakehealth.edu
Bond, Karie  Clinical Research Unit  klbond@wakehealth.edu 
Briceno, Brittany Office of Clinical Research brbricen@wakehealth.edu
Bryant, Michele Sponsored Programs mtuttle@wakehealth.edu
Burch, Britt Sponsored Programs bburch@wakehealth.edu
Burcham, Amanda Operations aburcham@wakehealth.edu
Burnett, Lisa Sponsored Programs liburnet@wakehealth.edu
Burris, Marcie Clinical Research Unit mburris@wakehealth.edu
Busalacchi, Katie Beth Clinical Research Unit katkins@wakehealth.edu
Bushnell, Cheryl  CTSI Faculty Leadership  cbushnel@wakehealth.edu 
Byerly, Sara Clinical Research Unit sjbyerly@wakehealth.edu
Byers, Sandra Sponsored Programs sbyers@wakehealth.edu
Chavanne, Tara  TIP  tchavann@wakehealth.edu 
Christian, Matthew  Office of Clinical Research  mcchrist@wakehealth.edu 
Coe, Diane  Operations  dccoe@wakehealth.edu 
Cook, Vicky Oversight & Outreach vcook@wakehealth.edu
Cope, Jackie  ARP  jcope@wakehealth.edu 
Cox, Emily  Clinical Research Unit  ecox@wakehealth.edu 
Crenshaw, Elizabeth Office of Clinical Research ecrensha@wakehealth.edu
Crews, Becky Sponsored Programs rcrews@wakehealth.edu
Danner, Stephanie  TIP  srideout@wakehealth.edu 
Darnell, Susan  ARP  sdarnell@wakehealth.edu 
Diaz, Franck  Clinical Informatics  jdiazvas@wakehealth.edu 
Dillard, Amanda IACUC adillard@wakehealth.edu
Dixit, Seema Office of Clinical Research sedixit@wakehealth.edu
Easter, Linda Clinical Research Unit leaster@wakehealth.edu
Elter, Jamie  Sponsored Programs  jelter@wakehealth.edu
Farrow, Audrey  Maya Angelou Center  abellfa@wakehealth.edu 
Favreau, Ryan Sponsored Programs rfavreau@wakehealth.edu
Fish, Tammy  NHP Program  tfish@wakehealth.edu 
Fitzgerald, Mary Jo IACUC mjfitzge@wakehealth.edu
Franklin, Catherine Clinical Research Unit cifrankl@wakehealth.edu
Fulcher, Dell Sponsored Programs dfulcher@wakehealth.edu
Fuller, Debra TIP dfuller@wakehealth.edu
Futrell, Wendell Clinical Informatics wfutrell@wakehealth.edu
Galloway, Tonya Office of Clinical Research tgallowa@wakehelath.edu
Gatsis, Penny Sponsored Programs pgatsis@wakehealth.edu
Gee, Melaney ARP  mgee@wakehealth.edu
Green, Heather  Clinical Research Unit  hgreen@wakehealth.edu 
Gurcan, Metin  Biomedical Informatics  mgurcan@wakehealth.edu 
Hall, Shepeara Office of Clinical Research skhall@wakehealth.edu
Hamlin, DeWanna  Maya Angelou Center  dthamlin@wakehealth.edu 
Hankins, Meredith  Operations  mahankin@wakehealth.edu 
Hardy, Vickie  ARP  vhardy@wakehealth.edu 
Harper, Martika  IRB  maharper@wakehealth.edu 
Harris, Octavia  ARP  oharris@wakehealth.edu
Hauser, Kerry Clinical Informatics kwhauser@wakehealth.edu
Henderson, Perrin (Tripp) Operations phenders@wakehealth.edu
Hester, Tricia Clinical Research Unit thester@wakehealth.edu
Hodges, Gaye  ARP  mghodges@wakehealth.edu 
Hooker, Melody  NHP Program  mhooker@wakehealth.edu 
Horton, Angela Sponsored Programs ahorton@wakehealth.edu
Horvath, Michael Clinical Informatics mhorvath@wakehealth.edu
Howard, Michelle  Clinical Research Unit  mdhoward@wakehealth.edu 
Hunt, Charlene  Maya Angelou Center  chunt@wakehealth.edu 
Irby, Megan  Community Engagement  mirby@wakehealth.edu 
Jarvis, Teresa Clinical Research Unit tjarvis@wakehealth.edu
Jefferson, Renee  Research Finance  ojeffers@wakehealth.edu 
Judson, Darlene Office of Clinical Research djudson@wakehealth.edu
Keller, Sharon Sponsored Programs shakelle@wakehealth.edu
Kennedy, Michael Research Finance mkennedy@wakehealth.edu
Kinney, Rachel Sponsored Programs rwkinney@wakehealth.edu
Kock, Nancy  ARP  nkock@wakehealth.edu 
Kritchevsky, Steve BRSA Faculty Leadership skritche@wakehealth.edu
Langdon, Sarah  Maya Angelou Center  slangdon@wakehealth.edu 
Lanier, Tasha  NHP Program  tlanier@wakehealth.edu 
Lawlor, Nancy Office of Clinical Research nlawlor@wakehealth.edu
Lea, Tamosia Operations tmlea@wakehealth.edu
Lenoir, Kristin Clinical Informatics klenoir@wakehealth.edu
Littlefield, Emily Sponsored Programs
Long, Chrissy  NHP Program  mamay@wakehealth.edu 
Lyons, David IACUC dlyons@wakehealth.edu
Mahi, Asif Sponsored Programs a.mahi@wakehealth.edu
Malachi, Kimberly IRB kimalach@wakehealth.edu
Marshall, Juanita Office of Clinical Research jmcneal@wakehealth.edu
McClain, Donald CTSI Faculty Leadership dmcclain@wakehealth.edu
McCullough, Janeria Research Finance jmccullo@wakehealth.edu
McGowan, Andrew  NHP Program  armcgowa@wakehealth.edu 
Miller, David  CTSI Faculty Leadership  dmiller@wakehealth.edu 
Mitchell, Erin  ARP  ermitche@wakehealth.edu 
Molloy, Laurie Centers & Cores Administration lmolloy@wakehealth.edu
Moore, Brian  IRB  jbmoore@wakehealth.edu
Moore, Keena Community Engagement krmoore@wakehealth.edu
Moore, Miranda IACUC mlmoore@wakehealth.edu
Morales, Luke Communications luke.morales@wakehealth.edu
Moretz, Lena  TIP  lmoretz@wakehealth.edu 
Nichols, David Office of Clinical Research dbnichol@wakehealth.edu
Nicks, Elizabeth  ARP  enicks@wakehealth.edu 
Norona, Sandra Office of Clinical Research snorona@wakehealth.edu
O'Byrne, Christopher Leadership cobyrne@wakehealth.edu
Ohene, Selvin Office of Clinical Research sohene@wakehealth.edu
Ore, Brandon  Clinical Research Unit  bore@wakehealth.edu 
Ostasiewski, Brian Clinical Informatics bostasie@wakethealth.edu
Pack, Tim Sponsored Programs tpack@wakehealth.edu
Pardy, Mariana  Maya Angelou Center  mpardy@wakehealth.edu 
Parsons, Kemp Sponsored Programs
Patel, Tanha Evaluation Program tnpatel@wakehealth.edu
Perkins, Maria Sponsored Programs mperkins@wakehealth.edu
Pilon, Cody  Sponsored Programs  cpilon@wakehealth.edu 
Poteat, Elizabeth Clinical Research Unit epoteat@wakehealth.edu
Pumarol, Issis Kelly IRB ikellypu@wakehealth.edu
Raines, Beth Education and Training  bdraines@wakehealth.edu 
Ragusky, Mary Beth Oversight & Outreach mragusky@wakehealth.edu
Raqeebi, Muneeb  Office of Clinical Research  mraqeebi@wakehealth.edu 
Robinson, Kyeshia Sponsored Programs kdrobins@wakehealth.edu
Rosenthal, Gary  CTSI Faculty Leadership  grosenth@wakehealth.edu 
Ross, Althea  Sponsored Programs  aross@wakehealth.edu 
Roth, Tom Education and Training tomroth@wakehealth.edu
Ruiz, Johnny Sponsored Programs
Rushing, Julia  Biostatistical Sciences  jrushing@wakehealth.edu 
Sekits, Jeannie  IRB jtullock@wakehealth.edu
Self, Mary Clinical Research Unit mself@wakehealth.edu
Smith, Carly  Office of Clinical Research  carlsmit@wakehealth.edu 
Smith, Emily IRB emsmith@wakehealth.edu 
Smith, Lynn  Clinical Research Unit  lychambe@wakehealth.edu 
Smith, Pattie Research Finance pssmith@wakehealth.edu 
Smith, Rodney Sponsored Programs rodsmith@wakehealth.edu
Smith, Rose Clinical Research Unit rwsmith@wakehealth.edu
Stanfield, Sarah IRB sstanfie@wakehealth.edu
Stanley, Sara Sponsored Programs
Suarez, Myra Office of Clinical Research msuarez@wakehealth.edu
Tan, Josh  TIP  jtan@wakehealth.edu 
Trader, Melissa Oversight & Outreach mtrader@wakehealth.edu
Trost, Lindsay Operations ltrost@wakehealth.edu
Wagenknecht, Lynne CTSI Faculty Leadership lwgnkcht@wakehealth.edu
Walker, Kathy IRB khwalker@wakehealth.edu
Wall-Woods, Julia Sponsored Programs jwallwoo@wakehealth.edu
Walters, Loretta Clinical Research Unit lmeadows@wakehealth.edu
Warren, Trish  NHP Program  twarren@wakehealth.edu 
Wells, Brian Clinical Informatics Faculty bjwells@wakehealth.edu
Wesley, Debbie  IRB  dwesley@wakehealth.edu 
White, Wendi  Clinical Research Unit  wwhite@wakehealth.edu 
Williams, Traci Office of Clinical Research trawill@wakehealth.edu
Wilson, Claudette Clinical Research Unit clawilso@wakehealth.edu
Wood, Patricia  ARP  pwood@wakehealth.edu 
Woodside, Rachel Operations rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu
Young, Richard  ARP  ryoung@wakehealth.edu 
Young, Travis  Office of Clinical Research  tryoung@wakehealth.edu 


Clinical Research

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