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Data Management

The CTSI provides tools and services to support research data access and management.

Clinical Data Access

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Clinical Data Access

The Translational Data Warehouse (TDW) is a comprehensive research data warehouse integrating clinical and other research information from multiple data sources. Currently the TDW consists of clinical data which includes demographics, diagnoses, procedures, medications, lab results, vitals, and visit details from the medical record (historical and current). This data is accessible through the i2b2 platform or by submitting a Data Request.

The i2b2 platform is a query tool that allows investigators to query clinical data in the Translational Data Warehouse for cohort identification and pull detailed data for research projects. Medical Center users can automatically log in to i2b2 with valid CITI ceritification. (Learn more about CITI training requirements.) Use of i2b2, as well as training on i2b2 or the Data Puller tool, is available at no cost.

Prior to IRB approval, i2b2 can be used to pull aggregate numbers and enrollment tables based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. For IRB-approved studies, the Data Puller tool within i2b2 can be used to select and receive data elements based on inclusion and exclusion criteria.


View available online training materials for i2b2 and informational materials on how to pull data for recruitment and retrospective chart reviews.

For questions about the TDW or i2b2 platform, please contact the CTSI Data Team at CTSIdata@wakehealth.edu.

Data Requests

Initial consultation on data needs and data requests for simple queries and/or data pulls are available at no cost

Advanced consultations and complex queries and/or data pulls (generally >2 hours of work) are available for direct FTE support or at the following Fee-for-Service rates.

For investigator-initiated projects:

  • Data Coordinator: $35/hour
  • Programmer: $60/hour
  • Informatics Investigator: $150/hour

For industry-initiated projects:

  • Data Coordinator: $50/hour
  • Programmer: $90/hour
  • Informatics Investigator: $160/hour

Fill out the CTSI Service Request Form by selecting 'Data Access' to work directly with someone from the CTSI Data Team. 

Surveys and Databases

REDCap is a free, secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases. Medical Center users can automatically log in to REDCap with Wake Health credentials. 

REDCap enables rapid project development and provides users with advanced functionality, complete autonomy and control of a project, and direct exports to common statistical packages. REDCap surveys and databases are HIPAA compliant and include audit trails. The data is backed up once daily. The  REDCap Usage Agreement provides details on the usage of REDCap in the conduct of research related matters and operational data collection.

As a fee-for-service, a CTSI REDCap Administrator is available to create a project database or survey and move it into the production mode for a fee of $35/hour for investigator-initiated projects and $50/hour for industry projects. For special circumstances that require a CTSI REDCap Programmer, the fee is $60/hour for investigator-initiated projects and $90/hour for industry projects.


The CTSI REDCap Team provides a range of online training materials. In addition, REDCap Administrators conduct training in a classroom setting once a month or through a group consultation. Please refer to the Event Calendar for upcoming REDCap courses. 

For questions or comments concerning REDCap, including training sessions and project guidance, please contact ctsiredcap@wakehealth.edu.

Not Sure What You Need?

Not sure what services you need or what the next step is in your research process? Contact a Research Navigator for help figuring it out.

FISMA Data Requirements

Interested in learning more about FISMA data requirements? View our Federal & Non-Industry Funding page.

Data Use Agreement (DUA)

Collaborating with external entities and not sure your study requires a DUA (Data Use Agreement)? Select the characteristics of your study in our decision tool for quick guidance.