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Research Core Facilities and Shared Equipment Services

By sharing resources, researchers at Wake Forest gain access to equipment and laboratories they might not be able to afford individually. In addition, they offer a level of expertise unique to each specialty.

Many of these resources are available to outside researchers, others are not. Please contact the facility directly for more information. 

Animal Models

Primary Contacts:
David Caudell, DVM, PhD | 336-716-4763 | dcaudell@wakehealth.edu
Melody Hooker | 336-716-1649 | mhooker@wakehealth.edu

Comparative Pathology Laboratory - David Caudell
Diet Preparation Laboratory - Sue Appt
DXA Imaging Suite - Melody Hooker
Mobile Imaging Platform - Melody Hooker
Nursery Suite - Matt Jorgensen
Preclinical Translational Services - Susan Appt | 336-716-1637 | sappt@wakehealth.edu

Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Primary Contacts:
Doug Lyles, PhD | 336-716-4237 | dlyles@wakehealth.edu
April Campbell | 336-716-2277 | apcampbe@wakehealth.edu

Biomolecular Computing and Graphics - Todd Lowther and Tom Hollis
Crystallography and Computational Biosciences - Todd Lowther and Tom Hollis
Macro-molecular Interactions Core Laboratory - Roy Hantgan and Doug Lyles

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Primary Contacts:
Rebecca Rankin | 336-716-5689 | rrankin@wakehealth.edu
Donna Pranke | 336-716-3976 | dpranke@wakehealth.edu

Analytical Imaging Facility - Linda Metheny-Barlow
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource of the CCC - Ralph D'Agostino and Xiaobo Zhou
Cancer Genomics Shared Resource of the CCC - Lance Miller and Greg Hawkins
Cell and Viral Vector Shared Resource of the CCC - Purnima Dubey
Cellular Imaging Shared Resource - joint CCC, WFIRM, Pathology - Frank Marini
Crystallography and Computational Biosciences of the CCC - Todd Lowther and Tom Hollis
Community Recruitment, Enaggement and Dissemination Developing Shared Resource - Erin Sutfin and Lynne Wagner
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource of the CCC - Martha Alexander-Miller
Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource of the CCC - Cristina Furdui and Mark Lively
Translational Imaging Program - Akiva Mintz
Tumor Tissue Pathology Shared Resource of the CCC - Edward Levine and Barry DeYoung; Greg Kucera, Shadi Qasem, and David Caudell


Primary Contacts:
Debra Diz, PhD | 336-716-0757 | ddiz@wakehealth.edu
Sarah Smith | 336-716-1106 | sasmith@wakehealth.edu

Biomarker Analytical Core (Previously the Hypertension Assay Core Laboratory) - Bridget Brosnihan
Molecular and Cellular Biology Research Facility - Pat Gallagher and Ann Tallant
HPLC & Peptide Metabolism Core Facility - Mark Chappell
Transgenic Animals and Instrumentation Facility - Jasmina Varagic
Preclinical Ultrasound and Imaging Core (VEVO LAZR) - Jasmina Varagic

Additional Facilities & Shared Equipment Services

Animal Resources Program - Richard Young, DVM | 336-713-7388 | ryoung@wakehealth.edu
Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Core - Anthony Molina | 336-713-8523 | amolina@wakehealth.edu
Design Analysis Unit (DAU) - Haiying Chen, PhD | 336-716-4431 | hchen@wakehealth.edu and Greg Russell, MS | 336-716-5449 | grussell@wakehealth.edu
Lipid, Lipoprotein and Atherosclerosis Analysis Laboratory - Larry Rudel 
Wake Forest and Innovations Core Lab Services - Vishal Khanna | 336-716-8243 | vkhanna@wakehealth.edu
WFIRM Core Lab Services - Tom Eaton | 336-713-1148 | teaton@wakehealth.edu
DEXA and Other Assessments (Aging Center) - Kim Kennedy | 336-765-5722  | kkennedy@wakehealth.edu
Virtual Microscopy Core - Shadi Qasem | 336-716-2640 | sqasem@wakehealth.edu
Physics and Dosimetry Core - Dan Bourland | 336-713-6503 | bourland@wakehealth.edu
Genomics Sequenom and Sequencing Core - Tim Howard | 336-713-7509 | tdhoward@wakehealth.edu