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Community Research Associates


From left: Scott Rhodes, DeWanna Hamlin, Lynn Byrd, Stephanie Daniel, Phillip Summers

Who they are and what they do

Meet DeWanna Hamlin and Lynn Byrd

The Program in Community Engagement (PCE) works with two Community Research Associates (CRAs) who represent different community persecptives. CRAs are leaders who have been active in promoting community health. They have the background and the authority to convey community opinions and views in PCE strategic planning, implementation, and dissemination.

The CRAs function as co-investigators, working with Wake Forest School of Medicine (WFSM) investigators on PCE activities. They are members of the Core Working Group and Stakeholder Advisory Committee. They are involved in specific PCE programs. They are PCE ambassadors to the community, and they ensure that PCE is aware of current community issues.