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Funding Opportunities

The Program in Community Engagement offers two types of funding:

Community Engagement Ignition Awards – Four $5K pilot awards are granted annually to supplement the translational work of community organizations. This award can support the implementation of evidence-based interventions, fund evaluations, prepare pilot data that will allow for the submission of a subsequent, larger grant application, or advance change that promotes health.

Cooperative Agreement Pilot – A $30K pilot award to support community-engaged research. The pilot award is designed to build long-term collaboration through research partnerships, requiring at least 1 representative from a community-based organization and 1 WF investigator to share responsibilities as co-PIs.






Community Engagement Ignition Award

 LOI 8/23/17


Community Engagement Cooperative Agreement

Other CTSI funding opportunities are available at  https://ctsi.wakehealth.edu/funding-opps. 

Deepak Palakshapp and HOPE were awarded the first Community Engagement Cooperative Agreement.