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Research Salary Bridge Support

Target Audience 

  • Experienced faculty with 50% or more research effort who require salary bridge support to reach the 75% research funding expectation.
  • Early-career faculty who do not meet the criteria for the Early-Career Salary Support Program


To provide salary support to eligible research faculty with an unanticipated gap in funding. 


All Salary Bridge materials must be submitted by close of business on Monday, February 27, 2017. Decisions will be communicated by close of business on Friday, March 31, 2017. 


Faculty interested in applying for salary bridge funding must meet the following criteria:

  • Faculty at a rank of assistant professor or above; and
  • Faculty with 50% or more research effort; and
  • Faculty who are experiencing or anticipate a decrease in research funding to less than the 75% expectation and are unable to identify alternative funding sources to support salary; and
  • Faculty who do not meet the criteria for the Early-Career Salary Support Program 


  • Faculty who have received a 3-year salary guarantee letter and are within the guarantee period should not submit bridge-funding applications.
  • Contingent faculty are ineligible for bridge funding. 


Department Chairs or Directors of the unit (Center/institute) in which the applicant has his/her primary appointment should provide the first level of review for bridge funding requests. Then, if appropriate, the Chair/Director must submit the Faculty Salary Bridge application on behalf of the faculty member, providing a detailed request of the percent effort and dollar figure that represents the gap. 

There are 3 applicant categories: 

  • Category 1: Individuals needing only minimal support for compensation (e.g., 1% - 9%). Requests and approvals are handled administratively through discussions with the Chair, faculty member and Dean’s Office. No formal application is required. Chairs with faculty in this category should email a summary of the situation and request to Chris O’Byrne at cobyrne@wakehealth.edu.
  • Category 2: Individuals who require significant support (e.g. 10% or greater), but have had a consistent track record of funding (~5 years or more). A formal application is required. A set of tables listing current, pending, and planned research applications and awards should be completed as a part of the application.
  • Category 3: Early-Career Faculty who do not meet the criteria provided within the Early-Career Salary Support Program or remain within their start-up period and hold insufficient funds to support their needs. A formal application is required. A set of tables listing current, pending and planned research applications and awards should be completed as part of the application.

Evaluation Criteria 

The application should emphasize the potential of the applicant for obtaining extramural support in the near future. Specifically, the Chair should address in a letter, the following criteria in the evaluation of faculty requesting support:

  • Evidence that the faculty member has actively submitted applications to re-establish funding, if applicable.
  • The researcher's potential for obtaining such support in the near future; submit summary statement and scores if applicable.
  • The researcher's past experience in obtaining external support for his/her work. Provide last 5 years total percent of salary and total percent of research effort covered from extramural sources.
  • The quality and significance of the researcher's work including publications.
  • Available cost sharing/matching from department, i.e. residual funds. Note, R&D funds cannot be used without prior approval from the Dean’s Office.
  • Potential for increasing effort on other active grants/contracts. 

Committee Review 

A subcommittee of the Intramural Research Support Committee will review applications from categories 2 & 3 along with the letters of recommendation from the Chair/Director and support documents (including summary statements from recent applications when applicable). Reminder: Applicants from category 1 do not require a formal application. 

Nature and Duration of Support 

Faculty salary bridge support is intended to cover only the research portion of salary and fringe benefits of the researcher. The bridge funding period for salary support is up to one fiscal year. Any new extramural funding received during the bridge funding period should be reported to Chris O’Byrne, Vice President of Research Administration and Operations. 

Requests for an additional year of bridge funding will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. The application should provide strong evidence that extramural support is imminent or that a significant change in direction will likely lead to new support.