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Research Program Support Application Instructions

Required Components

  1. Route Form:  Intramural Research Support Application Cover Form
  2. Endorsement: A memorandum from the Chairman or designate must support the request for bridge/interim funding and explain why support is justified, with assurance of re-submittal of the grant application at the earliest appropriate cycle.
  3. Grant Copy: A complete copy of the grant application for which bridge/interim funding is requested, with an updated biographical sketch (a full curriculum vitae is not necessary). Faculty salaries should be blocked out for confidentiality.
  4. Summary Statement: The agency's scientific critique must be included in its entirety if applicable.
  5. Why Interim Funds are Needed: Briefly outline the need for bridge/interim funding with respect to the maintenance of a long-term, extramurally funded research program. If appropriate, include a discussion of the impact on key personnel, special research resources, unique animal models, etc. (Not to exceed one page.)
  6. Research Plan:  The research plan should include the following:
  • Specific Aims: State precisely and realistically what the research described is intended to accomplish within the bridge/interim funding period. (Not to exceed one page.)
  • Background: As the original grant contains a Background and Significance Section, this should be devoted primarily to a point-by-point discussion of the perceived strengths and weaknesses identified by the study section and strategies for how the proposal can be improved. (Not to exceed two pages.)
  • Abbreviated Experimental Plan: Here the investigator should emphasize the experimental plan proposed for the bridge/interim funding period, how the experimental approach may differ from the previously proposed, and how the new plan will generally address the perceived shortcomings of the application as noted in the scientific critique. The description should be succinct but specific. (Not to exceed four pages)
  • Literature Cited
  • Introduction to New or Revised Application: Submit a draft of the introduction that will accompany the application and a timeline for plans to submit a revised application.
  1. Research Support
  • Extramural Grant Support: List all active, pending and planned extramural research grants. Include funding agency, grant numbers, dates of duration, and total direct costs.
  • Departmental Funds: List all departmental and other institutional research support funds, including start up packages, available for research.
  • Overlaps: If other support is available (as in departmental sources) or pending grants, explain need for intramural research support funds.
  1. Budget:  Provide an itemized budget, typically for a 12-month period. Faculty salary support, equipment and travel will not be supported. Designate all associates, technicians, students, fellows, etc., involved with the project. If other sources will contribute to total project costs, please include in the budget.

Sample Budget:

Budget for December 1, _______ through November 30, ________

Principal Investigator - 30% $0
Technician (Name) - 100%
Salary $29,610
Fringe $9,690
Total $41,900
Funds available from carry over or start up ($11,900)
Interim Funding Request $30,000

How to Submit an Application

By the appropriate deadline, a PDF file of the proposal should be emailed to Mary Beth Barrack at mharbour@wakehealth.edu.

Program Support Deadlines

There are three deadlines available for research program support:
Sep. 10, 2018
Jan. 7, 2019
Apr. 8, 2019





For technical questions, contact Mary Beth Barrack, mharbour@wakehealth.edu.

For programmatic questions contact Michael Kennedy, mkennedy@wakehealth.edu.