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Research Committees

Research Operations Committee (ROC)

The Research Operations Committee (ROC) is a standing committee that is advisory to Research Leadership and to the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI). 

Mission and Charge

The committee's mission and charge is to:

  • Identify and discuss appropriate operational issues of CTSI that impact interaction with faculty and staff.
  • Discuss methods to facilitate communication of research related information to faculty and staff.
  • Serve as a sounding board for Research Leadership on issues facing the Research Enterprise.


This is a standing committee that reports to the Dean for the School of Medicine.The committee's reporting scheme is in agreement with the established reporting structure within WFUHS and similar to other advisory and standing committees. The committee interacts with invited experts and consultants. To accomplish its mission and charge, the committee has access to appropriate information related to CTSI. The results of the committee's deliberations are public to the Medical Center community.


Meetings are typically held bi-monthly in the CTSI suite. The meeting typically lasts for one hour and does not require any prior work other than considering the topic that is emailed out ahead of the meeting time. 


The ROC is composed of appointed faculty representatives from academic Divisions, Departments, or Institutes. The chair, co-chair and members are selected by the Dean or his designee. Members are expected to serve as liaisons to their Divisions, Departments, and Institutes and no more than one voting member may be appointed from one of these designated areas.

Committee members are appointed for a 3 year term and coincide with the start of the institution's fiscal year. After the initial term, members may be appointed to additional one-year terms without limit. 

Dr. David Miller, Chair (2018)
Dr. Carol Milligan (2018)
Dr. Leslie Poole (2018)
Dr. Janet Tooze (2018)
Dr. Purmina Dubey (2019)
Dr. Brian McCool (2019)
Dr. Linda Metheny-Barlow (2019)
Dr. Kiran Solingapuram Sai (2019)
Dr. Jasmina Varagic (2019)
Dr. Leslie Pool (2019)
Ms. Robyn Gore (ex-officio)

Dr. Cheryl Bushnell (2020)
Dr. Daniel Clark Files (2020)
Dr. Christina Furdui (2020)
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez (2020)
Dr. John Salsman (2020)
Dr. Vidula Vaccharajani (2020)
Dr. Pierre Vidi (2020)
Dr. William Wagner (2020)
Dr. Tan Zhang (2020)
Mr. Chris O'Bryne (ex-officio)

Comments or questions should be directed to the Chair, Dr. David Miller, at dmiller@wakehealth.edu or VP, Research & Operations, Associate Dean, Chris O'Byrne, at cobyrne@wakehealth.edu. Comments will be shared with the full committee.

Centers and Cores Advisory Committee (CCAC)

Dean's Advisors for Centers and Cores

The Centers and Cores Advisory Committee (CCAC) is advisory to the Dean in developing and executing a faculty peer review process to align investment and support for the research centers and core facility services with the research strategic vision, and in recommending plans for achieving this vision. The work of the committee is strategic in nature; it is also the operational advisory committee for issues associated with the research centers and cores. The committee recommendations add value to the institutional research mission, as well as to the administration, and individual investigators.

Secure Site for CCAC Members

Intramural Research Support Committee (IRSC)

Mission and Charge

The IRSC was established to provide a process for thoughtful and structured review of internally funded research projects. The principal responsibility of the IRSC is the scientific critique and future success of intramural research grant applications from WFBMC faculty and medical student fellowship applications. 


Members are responsible for critiquing the scientific merit of internal research applications and assessing the potential for extramural funding support. The typical review process requires members to review two grants per meeting. In addition, each member may be asked to provide one-two written critiques per year. 


Committee members typically meet three time per year with the commitment of reviewing grants prior to each meeting in preparation for discussion and scoring.


Members login to the IRSC Member Area using WFBMC credentials.

Contact Information

Contact Lindsay Trost, ltrost@wakehealth.edu, with questions. To view the IRSC Member area while off campus you must log in to the WFBMC network

Interaction and Acceleration of Research (InterAC) Forum

The purpose of the InterAC Forum is to serve as an inclusive forum to encourage team building across as broad a spectrum of the faculty as possible. The forum encourages networking and collaboration between our faculty, centers and core facilities. It is also a communication vehicle to let others know what is happening in the centers that could spur new research collaborations across the institution or with the Reynolda Campus. It is a place where those involved in centers can discuss issues that impact their research or operations.

InterAC Forums

  • Are open to those wishing to participate in center activities, initiate a center, engage in collaborative activities, or learn more about institutional research initiatives and infrastructure
  • Include academic presentations and subsequent discussion along with research updates by CTSI or the Dean’s office
  • Are held 4:00-5:00pm the 4th Tuesday of every month.
  • Meetings will now be held at dual locations:
    • Bailey Power Plant (BPP), 5th floor, Conference Room 515 A&B
    • Medical School Board Room, 1st floor of Gray Building, inside Coy Carpenter Library

View past InterAC Forum Minutes and Presentations.

If you have questions about the meetings, please feel free to contact Laurie Molloy at 336-716-0576 or lmolloy@wakehealth.edu.