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Animal Research Reporting Procedures

Emergency Information

To report an emergency, suspicious or threatening behavior, or a protest or demonstration:

- Local Emergency Response: Dial 9-911
- WFBMC Security: Dial 6-9111
- Reynolda Campus Security: Dial 758-5911

To contact ARP central command in an emergency:

- Via WFBMC Security: Dial 6-9111

Read more about Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response.

Adverse Events and Protocol Deviations

An adverse event (AE) is an unanticipated occurrence that results in increased pain, distress, or health risk to an animal(s) or human(s). Reporting AEs assists the research team, provider or veterinary staff, to determine the cause and to prevent re-occurrence. 

A protocol deviation is any departure from the procedures approved in the IACUC or IRB protocol.

Research teams are required to promptly report adverse events and protocol deviations to the IACUC or IRB, as appropriate. 

In addition to helping the staff prevent the AE from happening in the future, it also helps the IACUC meet the federal requirement to monitor all animal activities.

Use the resources below for additional help.

Animal Concerns

WFU personnel are strongly encouraged to report any concern about the care and treatment of animals used in research or teaching at WFU. Should you have a concern or question, please contact your supervisor and/or the principal investigator of the research project. If the issues are not resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact the below numbers.

  • ARP Main Office: 336-713-7394
  • IACUC Office: 336-716-3540
  • Oversight & Outreach Office: 336-716-4127    

For confidential reporting, you may also leave a message on the WFU Concern Line at 1-877-880-7888 or  www.tnwinc.com/Reportline. You may leave your name or remain anonymous. All concerns are investigated. You will not be subject to discrimination or reprisal for good faith reports.