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Application Types

Letters of Intent (LOIs)

Letters of Intent (LOI) are recommended by some funders (e.g. NIH) and required by others. Funders use LOIs to whittle down the number of possible applications for consideration. 


This is a shorter version of an application required by some funders as an initial step in consideration. Examples include Department of Defense funding mechanisms, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and foundations such as Komen for the Cure.

Limited Submission Proposals

These are applications where the number of applicants is limited. The Office of Sponsored Programs has established a selection process in cases where applicants must be chosen. Learn more.

Full Proposals

Institutional review of all applications by the Office of Sponsored Programs is required. In most cases, OSP personnel submits the final application on behalf of the investigators. Final proposals should be received 3 days prior to the sponsor deadline. Please refer to the Wake Forest School of Medicine Proposal Deadline Policy for more information.