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Double RFA: Pepper OAIC Ignition and Special Pilot Funding

1. Pilot and Exploratory Studies Research Program Funding Announcement (RFA) / Pepper OAIC: “Integrating pathways affecting physical function for new approaches to disability treatment and prevention”

The Wake Forest Pepper Pilot and Exploratory Studies Program promotes promising new research ideas by providing funds for generation of preliminary data for the development of grant applications for external funding of larger, definitive studies.  The Overall Objective of the Pepper Center Pilot studies and Exploratory analyses is to promote translational research approaches to assess biological, behavioral, genomic, metabolic, and other factors which contribute to age-related physical function decline, or progression to disability. A major goal is the development and testing in clinical or pre-clinical studies novel interventions which target contributors to age-related decline in physical function in order to prevent or reverse the progression to disability. Full details here.


2. Pepper OAIC Ignition Fund Request for Applications

The Wake Forest Pepper Center is seeking proposals for funds to accelerate progress for clinical and translational research projects related to the Pepper themes, integrating pathways affecting physical function for new approaches to disability prevention. Ignition funds are intended to be small (<$5,000), rapid-access awards that will support feasibility & pilot projects with high probability of generating pilot data for submission of extramural grant applications and/or high impact publications. Full details here.


All inquiries can be sent to Abby Archer at the contact information provided below.

Abby Archer 
Pilot & Exploratory Studies Core Administrator
Wake Forest Pepper OAIC

Medical Center Boulevard  \  Winston-Salem, NC 27157
p 336.713.8504  \  f 336.713.8588  
peppercenter@wakehealth.edu  \  peppercenter.org

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