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Changes to COI Disclosure Collection Process in eIRB

Effective April 27, 2017, the process of collecting COI disclosures for human subjects research studies will change in IRB.  The current process requires PI and all Co-Investigators to sign or fill out a financial disclosure form, which would then be collected, compiled, and uploaded into eIRB.  The new process will streamline collection of disclosures by sending notifications via a link to access the financial disclosure questions directly in eIRB.  Each individual must complete the COI disclosure process prior to the PI submitting the study.  Listed below are some tips and further information about the process:

  • When filling out your IRB application, list all individuals as soon as possible in order to prevent delays. 
  • Clicking “Continue” on the “Study Identification” page will trigger email notices to be sent to the appropriate personnel.  Co-Investigators can begin submitting their disclosures while the rest of the application is being completed.
  • If a Co-Investigator is added at a later date, they can be notified by clicking “Notify Study Team Members to ATP” from the study workspace.
  • Once all Co-Investigators have completed their disclosures, an email will be sent to the PI and study coordinator notifying them that the study is eligible for submission.
  • Status of any pending disclosures can be checked under the “Pending ATP/COI” tab on the study workspace.


Next Steps




Pending ATP/COIs


  • The PI will complete his/her disclosure during the process of submission.
  • Disclosure is not required for the study coordinator, students, other team members, or department team members.
  • Co-Investigators who are added by an amendment will be prompted to complete the COI disclosure upon submission.
  • IRB review cannot be initiated until all COI disclosures have been provided.
  • Disclosure attestations are available in eIRB and can be copied or printed if needed for other submission purposes.
  • For studies that are currently in the review process as of April 27, 2017, or for other questions please contact the COI or IRB offices.
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