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3-D Rendered Rat 3-D Rendered Pig 3-D Rendered Monkey
CT scan using CT scan using CT scan using
TeraRecon Systems TeraRecon Systems TeraRecon Systems
3-D Rendered Brain 3-D Rendered Fish Rear-projection Screen
MR scan using CT scan using Incorporated into a Tri-fold
TeraRecon systems TeraRecon systems Poster
    March 2008
Toshiba 32-slice Using a Wii Controller Using a P5 Glove to Control
Aquilion CT Scanner to Control TeraRecon TeraRecon
Located at WFIQ 3-D / 4-D Real-time 3-D / 4-D Real-time
  Rendering Systems Rendering Systems
Using a USB 3D Head 3D Animated GIF
Touchscreen to Control    
3D / 4D Real-time    
Rendering Systems    
Images from 7T    
small animal scanner     

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