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The IRB & HRPP welcomes your feedback on our processes and/or policies! We use your feedback and suggestions to improve our services and to enhance the tools we provide to researchers and community members.

Please submit your comment or questionYou may provide your feedback in three ways:

  • Anonymously (simply send feedback through our REDcap survey below without including identifiers)
  • Anonymously with a request to post feedback on the website
  • Including contact information so we can get back to you about your comment or question

Previously submitted questions/comments will be posted below. Expand for relevant responses. 

Thank you for your feedback.

Q. Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again?
A. About a year ago we completed a major overhaul in which we eliminated duplicative questions and reduced the number of pages/questions in the eIRB application dramatically. In addition we re-designed the logic so that depending on the risk level and type of review necessary only the relevant questions will appear. It would be very helpful if you could send us examples of the specific questions that are duplicative. We are happy to remove redundant questions or provide a justification on the website for inclusion of the specific questions identified. You can provide this information anonymously via our feedback system as well. 

Q. Why do we have to save every page individually – it should just save automatically.
A. You do not have to do that. The system automatically saves the page when you hit continue and progress to the following page. It is only when you wish to exit eIRB before completing the application, or when making changes to the responses on a page and exiting before hitting continue, that you must save the answers on that page before leaving it. 

Q. Why can’t we just mark questions that we can’t answer at that moment so that we can continue the rest of the questionnaire and then come back to the unanswered questions?
A. It is possible to move forward in the application before knowing the answers to all questions. You can navigate in eIRB using the “jump to” drop down list in the navigation banner at the top of each page. By jumping forward or backward in the application, you can complete the questions as the answers are available and save other questions for later. With this method, placeholder answers are not required because the “jump to” function works regardless of missing answers. You should save each page as you jump from page to page since you will not be using the “continue” button. Also, save the final page before exiting the study if you have not fully completed the application.