Webinar: An Overview of the New Research Terms and Conditions

This live webinar from the National Council of University Research Administrators will focus on the new Research Terms and Conditions (RTCs) issued in March of this year which are intended to implement the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200). These RTCs are now available for use by federal agencies when issuing research awards.

Participants will learn:

  • When the RTCs are effective
  • Which agencies will use them
  • Which agencies have already implemented them
  • How to tell if the RTCs apply to an award the participant’s institution has received
  • Do the RTCs implement any prior approvals or restrictions relative to the Uniform Guidance
  • How the RTCs applies to subawards your institution issues
  • Will participating agencies issue their own implementations of the RTCs, as they did with the previous version?

Please join us for an informative session in which we will answer these questions.

This webinar can be used to meet the annual continuing education requirements for anyone who currently holds the WFBMC Research Administration Certificate designation.

Attendance is free. Please contact CTSI@wakehealth.edu with interest.



Target Audience

Study Coordinators
Research Administrators

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