Clinical Research Workshop: Industry-initiated Budget Management

The Budget Management Workshop is a three part series addressing various aspects of budget development for industry-initiated trials. This series provides clinical research teams with the tools needed to develop an industry-initiated budget during start-up, how to maintain an active study's budget, and the budgetary aspects of study close-out.

1. Part 1 - Study Start-Up: ~45 minutes

  • Understand what key budget documents are required and where to upload them in WISER.
  • Understand how to develop an industry-initiated budget.
  • Understand the WISER budget workflow.
  • Know where to find budget development resources.

2. Part 2 - Study Maintenance: ~30 minutes

  • Clarification of processes for logging subject visits and invoiceable events in CRMS/WISER.
  • Review circumstances when amendments are required in CRMS/WISER and how to submit amendments.

3. Part 3 - Study Close-out: ~30 minutes

  • Understand what action is required by the study team in CRMS/WISER for study close-out.
  • Gain an understanding of why close-out is so important.
Registration links will be sent out each month via the WISER listserv.


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