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Service Contact Phone E-Mail
 Animal Education
 Amanda Dillard
 Annual Report  Lindsay Trost  713-8126  ltrost@wakehealth.edu
 Be Involved  BeInvolved Registrar  716-2121    BeInvolvedRegistrar@wakehealth.edu
 Bionutrition Services (CRU)  Linda Easter  716-6355  leaster@wakehealth.edu
 Boilerplates  Tamosia Lea  713-2479  tmlea@wakehealth.edu
 Centers & Cores  Laurie Molloy  716-0576  lmolloy@wakehealth.edu
 Clinical Research Unit (CRU)  Rachel Woodside  716-5076  rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu
 Clinical Trials Office  Selvin Ohene  716-9134  sohene@wakehealth.edu
 ClinicalTrials.gov Help  Issis Kelly Pumarol  716-8372  ikellypu@wakehealth.edu
 CRMS  Holli Lucas  716-0048
 CTSI Website  Luke Morales  713-7361
 Data Access  CTSI Data Team  713-8126  CTSIData@wakehealth.edu
 Education & Training      CTSIEducation@wakehealth.edu
 Faculty Appointments  Tamosia Lea  713-2479  tmlea@wakehealth.edu
 Faculty Research Awards  Day  Pattie Smith  716-0280  pssmith@wakehealth.edu
 Fee-for Service Invoicing  Mary Beth Barrack  716-7097  mharbour@wakehealth.edu
 GoTo Meeting  Amanda Burcham  716-1195  aburcham@wakehealth.edu
 Grant Management Core  Michael Kennedy  716-7517  mkennedy@wakehealth.edu
 Grant & Manuscript Writing
 i2b2 Support  CTSI Data Team  713-2479
 I-DSMB  Rachel Woodside  716-5076  rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu
 Mobile Computing  Technologies  Lindsay Trost  713-8126  ltrost@wakehealth.edu
 Patient Care (CRU)  Sara Byerly  716-9755  sjbyerly@wakehealth.edu
 Patient Recruitment  LaBeverly Hooks  716-0130  lmhooks@wakehealth.edu
 Profiles Luke Morales     713-7361  luke.morales@wakehealth.edu
 Programming Support  Rachel Woodside  716-5076  rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu
 Project Management  Lindsay Trost  713-8126  ltrost@wakehealth.edu
 REDCap Support  CTSI REDCap Team
 Research Navigation  Rachel Woodside  716-5076  rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu
 Research Rundown  Luke Morales  713-7361 luke.morales@wakehealth.edu
 Specimen Processing (CRU)  Marcie Burris  716-2676  mburris@wakehealth.edu
 Statistical Consultation  Tamosia Lea  713-2479  tmlea@wakehealth.edu
 Study Coordinator Pool  Emily Ansusinha  716-0170  emansusi@wakehealth.edu
 @WFCTSI on Twitter  Luke Morales   713-7361  luke.morales@wakehealth.edu

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